Before you buy an akita puppy
THINK: How will this dog fit into my lifestyle? Be honest about the type of dog you need not want. Think about your favorite loved dog from the past, was it a Sheltie, Golden or perhaps a Lab? If so your personality and lifestyle probably don’t match with an Akita. The Akita is extremely intelligent, yet stubborn. Housebreaking should be a snap, however the Akita will never make a great fetch or Frisbee dog. They are self-willed and do not obey blindly.
The Akita is large (female 65-85#, males 90-120# with heights to match), intelligent and strongly territorial, who will adore and protect your children (however the neighbor kids?). He will naturally protect your home as part of his job. You don’t need to train him to do this; it comes naturally to him. He will be watchful of people on your property, expressing suspicion with a low rumble; Akitas are not barkers. They quickly learn to differentiate between strangers and friends. Akitas are not tolerant of other dogs especially those of the same sex. Under no circumstances should an Akita be allowed to roam through the neighborhood. If the fence you have is 4’ of chain link; you might want to rethink getting that Akita puppy.
SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR AKITA…all the excuses in the world, won’t prepare you for the responsibility of owning and socializing an unneutered male.
SOCIALIZE YOUR AKITA…you wouldn’t throw your child into kindergarten without ever being with other children. Don’t expect your Akita to be any different. An Akita that rarely gets out is not going to just calmly accept handling and new situations. The un-socialized Akita is the problem Akita.
The Akita, although a large dog, does not require large amounts of exercise. Like any dog, an Akita will thrive on a moderate amount of exercise. If a jogging companion is what you are looking for, you need to look into a more highly energetic dog breed or perhaps the more energetic Japanese imports. However, long walks in the cool of the night don’t get better than when you have an Akita by your side.
Akitas do not shed on a continual basis; however, they do "blow coat" about twice a year. As the new coat is beginning to grow into place, large tufts of hair will loosen. The coat can be stripped by using a wire slicker brush or coat rake. The dogs seem to enjoy this extra attention and if done on a regular basis as the coat is shedding, the new coat will come in quicker.
The Akita is a working dog. The working dog group includes some of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. You’ll be amazed at how quickly he learns, but this intelligence carries an obligation with it. They need and crave their people and won’t be happy simply relegated to the back yard for occasional pats on the head. A working dog enjoys life most when his is given a responsibility and a job to do, whether the job is obedience, protection of your home, backpacking, or that nightly walk. The Akita demands your attention and thrives on it when trained and worked regularly.
DON’T BUY AN AKITA because of the pictures you’ve seen or because your favorite football player owns one.
MEET THE DOGS. Go to a dog show, contact a club member and visit their dogs. There is a big difference between the 8-week-old "bear cub" and a full grown adult. Read the standard.
If after all of this you still want to own and love an Akita….e-mail us and we will try to help you towards a wonderful experience.

---(Compiled by T. Pyper, with excerpts from S. Thomas)